Because really, where else are you gonna find a gay, mennonite, attorney, who loves sci fi, literature, football, fishing, film, and other things that start with F...?


the day u go out looking a mess is the day u see the hottest people by tia valentine

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FSU Begins to Militarize RA’s



In response to recent events across the country, Florida State University announced today that they are beginning an initiative to heavily arm every RA on campus. “Our RAs have the most important job on campus,” says interim president Garnett Stokes. “Who else is going to let the students know when they are having sex too loud or keep watch over the toilet paper supply? It is in everyone’s best interest that these students are provided with SWAT team gear and automatic weapons so that they can more adequately carry out their jobs and intimidate those who aren’t in a position of power.” 

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Happy National #Bowtie Day :-)8

Happy National #Bowtie Day :-)8



Got my j’s on


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MAD Magazine recreates Norman Rockwell’s famous 1958 painting ‘The Runaway’

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